The lawyer named a way to get money back for an expired gift certificate

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The gift certificate is an advance payment for the service, and if the validity period expires, the client may demand a refund of the funds paid for it, lawyer Fatima Kryventsova told Channel Five.

In case of refusal, the expert advised to send the seller a written claim, indicating in it the amount for which the certificate was calculated and the period during which the issue should be considered.

“If there is no response or the answer is negative, you have the right to file a complaint against the seller’s actions with Rospotrebnadzor or the prosecutor’s office,” the lawyer said.

According to Kriventsova, by refusing to accept the certificate, the seller violates the norms of the law “On Protection of Consumer Rights.”

The lawyer added that the client also has the right to go to court with a claim to recover the amount spent on the certificate.

According to her, in such a case, in addition to the principal amount, it is also possible to claim reimbursement of legal costs and penalties for using other people’s funds.

At the end of November, the general director of the legal company Urvista, Aleksey Petropolsky, told what to do if a suspicious bill was found on a person in a store.

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