The largest search expedition in the Russian Federation started in the Kaluga region

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In the Baryatinsky district of the Kaluga region on Tuesday, August 11, the largest military-historical expedition in Russia “Western Front. Varshavskoye Shosse” started. More than 600 search engines from 25 regions of the country, servicemen of the separate 90th special search battalion of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, are participating in it, the “Search Movement of Russia” reports.

“For us, this is a special expedition – an expedition in which those for whom it is the first gather; those who have thirty years of search experience behind their backs. We gather here from different parts of our Motherland in order to exchange experiences, share our concerns , to discuss where we should go next, “said Elena Tsunaeva, executive secretary of the Russian Search Movement during the opening of the expedition.

For the first time, the Front project was launched in 2014 right here, near the village of Baryatinsky Tsvetovka. For 6 years more than 10 thousand search engines from all over the country and neighboring countries took part in 20 expeditions.

In the current expedition, young volunteers will become participants in the Search Engine School curriculum. She will be trained in working with databases, handling a probe and a metal detector. Search engines will learn to read soldier’s medallions, work with the reference database of the All-Russian Information Retrieval Center.

In December 1941, during a counteroffensive near Moscow, the troops of the 50th Army threw the enemy back from Tula, liberated Kaluga, and in January 1942 reached the Varshavskoe highway. Here, in the area of ​​”Zaitseva Gora”, Soviet troops faced the enemy’s defense in depth – fighting in this area continued until March 1943. More than 100 thousand Soviet soldiers and officers were killed in the battles.

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