The landfill in the courtyard of the house on Varshavskaya street could not be quickly removed

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A spontaneous dump in the courtyard of a high-rise building on Varshavskaya Street began to form around mid-December 2020. Pukhto in the courtyard of the house 19/5 was locked, giving access to it only to the residents of this house. But the residents of the neighboring high-rise buildings, who had not received the keys, began to throw out their garbage next to the rest. However, they have used this particular trash can before, despite the fact that their rest is in a different place. But this one is more convenient. And people began to fold packages near closed doors. By mid-January 2021, a solid mountain had accumulated.

The management company, to which the tenants complained, said that the problem was not hers, but her colleagues serving just the neighboring houses. Like, they did not explain to the tenants where to throw the garbage, let them clean it up now.

In the administration of the Moskovsky district, the Fontanka newspaper was informed that it was not possible to settle the issue in a working manner, and now on January 14, the administration will host a working meeting on organizing waste disposal.

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