The Kuril Islands will produce minced meat for crab sticks

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Now JSC “Kurilskiy Rybak” is preparing to produce minced meat “surimi”, the equipment necessary for this has already been purchased. The amount of fodder meal and fish oil produced will also increase – for this purpose, the company has acquired an entire plant. Kurilskiy Rybak compensates part of its costs thanks to 250 million rubles allocated from the regional budget. The assistance was provided within the framework of the state program of the Sakhalin Region “Economic Development and Innovation Policy for 2019-2025”. The more seafood the company extracts and processes, the more jobs on the islands, tax deductions to the treasury, and the more diverse the products offered to the consumer. The fish processing plant owned by CJSC Kurilskiy Rybak has been operating since 2019: its location at the berth and the presence of a vacuum pump ensures immediate freezing of freshly caught fish.

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