The Kremlin has ruled out the connection of two suicides of FSO employees with processing

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Recent cases of suicide by employees of the Federal Security Service (FSO) are not related to work overload and occurred for personal reasons. This was announced to reporters by the press secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov on Thursday, December 24.

“Listen, this is a human tragedy, again, this is a personal tragedy, the reasons for the previous case were not associated with numerous processing and everything else, this is incorrect information,” said Peskov.

He stressed that, unfortunately, “this is a human tragedy associated exclusively with personal reasons,” adding that he could not say “more”.

On the eve of the media reported that Lieutenant Colonel Alexander Dokhsanyan, deputy head of the FSO department, committed suicide in Moscow. In a suicide note, the man urged not to blame anyone for his death and asked forgiveness from his parents. He asked to bury him next to a certain Julia.

The incident is being checked. The evidence found confirms the version of suicide.

In late November, an FSO officer committed suicide while on duty. The reasons for the incident were not reported. There were no comments from the Federal Security Service regarding the incident.

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