The hunting season starts in the Tula region

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In the Tula Region, the hunting season for game birds with dogs in 30 public farms and 76 designated hunting grounds starts on August 5.

As the newspaper “Tulskie Izvestia” reports, from 15 August it will be possible to catch waterfowl and a badger in the region. The hunting season for moose, hares, beavers and muskrats in the grounds will only open in autumn.

You can get a hunting permit on the public services portal. The approval will take about five days.

On July 14, it was reported that the government commission on legislative activity did not support a bill to reduce the age of obtaining a hunting permit in Russia to 16 years. In the draft revocation, the Cabinet considered the lowering of the age qualification “inappropriate”, explaining that reaching the specified age does not mean that “a minor citizen is capable of making informed decisions, realizing the factual nature and legality or illegality of his actions (inaction), as well as bearing for them legal responsibility “.

On January 30, a law came into force in Russia allowing hunting with bows and crossbows. The document was signed earlier, last August, by President Vladimir Putin.

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