The heating season begins in Magadan

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The heating season in Magadan starts on September 4. Mayor Yuri Grishan told about it.

“Specialists of the departments reported that the city was ready for the beginning of the heating season. On Friday, September 4, we start the heating season. Gradually, within three or four, maybe five days, warmth will come to the homes of Magadan residents. By September 11, everything should be adjusted. A hot line will operate in the Department of Housing and Communal Services and CI, ”Grishan said.

According to him, the supply of heating to residential buildings was organized in advance so that the townspeople remained healthy in the conditions of the impending flu, SARS and circulating coronavirus, MagadanMedia news agency reported.

Let us remind you that it was proposed to reduce the expenses of Russians on heat at the expense of the citizens themselves. A 15% decrease can be achieved by the modernization of heating points in houses built in 1970-1980 and the installation of circulation pumps. They will allow you to evenly distribute heat over the floors and regulate its supply according to the weather. The Consumer Union sent a proposal to the Ministry of Construction to create and approve standard modernization projects.

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