The heat ends: in Chelyabinsk it will get colder

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In the Chelyabinsk region, the thermometer will drop to plus 20 degrees. Forecasters promise rain and thunderstorms in the region. After the precipitation, the long-awaited coolness will come.

The heat in Chelyabinsk and the region will subside this weekend. According to the regional hydrometeorological center, the heat will remain until the end of the working week, they promise up to plus 32 degrees. But on Saturday, August 8, it will start to rain. After them, the thermometer will show 26-28 degrees. It will become even cooler on Sunday – plus 20-21 degrees. The wind promises a weak, easterly direction, with a maximum speed of nine meters per second.

The next work week will start with rain. On Monday, August 10, the air temperature will be + 20 degrees.

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