The head of Uniper expressed hope for the completion of the construction of “Nord Stream – 2”

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One of Gazprom’s financial partners in the Nord Stream 2 project, the German company Uniper, does not expect the worst-case scenario to come true, which implies a complete cessation of the project’s construction. This was announced on Tuesday, August 11, by the head of the company, Andreas Schirenbek.

“We believe that the project will be completed, we always believe in the best <...> But the worst scenario assumes that the project will never be completed, and of course then the question will arise whether we can get our money back or not. And you will have to think about it. But at the moment I do not expect this scenario “, – quotes his words TASS.

Shirenbek stressed that Uniper is only a financial investor in the project and fulfilled its financial obligations in March 2002. According to the head of the company, these funds are sufficient to complete the construction of the gas pipeline.

The day before, Uniper published a report stating that the preparation of new US sanctions increases the likelihood that the Nord Stream 2 project will be delayed or not completed.

On August 5, several US senators demanded that the operator of the German port of Mukran, where the logistics center for the gas project is located and the pipes for Nord Stream 2 are stored, stop supporting the construction of the pipeline, threatening to “financially destroy”.

On August 7, Martin Naumann, the spokesman for the Free Democratic Party faction in the German parliament on energy, noted that the threats of US senators to the port of Mukran were a new round of escalation of the geopolitical conflict between the US and the European Union.

Nord Stream 2 is being built from Russia to Germany along the bottom of the Baltic Sea to implement direct gas supplies to Europe. The EU countries mainly support the project and participate in its implementation. The USA, the Baltic countries, Poland and Ukraine are against. The project is currently suspended due to US sanctions.

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