The head of the Ministry of Industry of Belarus spoke about the work of enterprises in the country

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The Minister of Industry of Belarus, Peter Parkhomchik, said that all the enterprises of the department are working as usual.

He noted that there are workers who express their position “a little differently than most.” In such cases, it is necessary to explain to them that they are doing “wrong”, and the goals that they set for themselves will not bring “anything good” and “good for the collectives” of enterprises.

“Many do not understand that it is possible to destroy everything in an instant, but it is not so easy to return and recreate everything,” he said in an interview with ONT TV channel on Sunday, 23 August.

According to Parkhomchik, the country’s economy is already suffering from the confusion of suppliers who are watching what is happening in the country. However, workers have no idea the extent of the damage if Belarusian enterprises stop working for several weeks.

“This is not water that flows from the tap: I closed it, opened it again two weeks later, and it pours out. This will not happen. It will take years for the industry to reach the results that have been achieved today, ”he said.

The presidential elections in Belarus took place on August 9. According to the voting results, the incumbent head of state Alexander Lukashenko won with 80.01% of the vote. Since then, protests have not subsided in the country. People who disagree with the voting results took to the streets of the republic’s cities.

A number of large enterprises went on strike. On August 22, Lukashenko ordered to close the striking factories from August 24.

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