The Federation Council assessed the words of the head of British intelligence about Russia

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The statement by the head of British intelligence, Richard Moore, that Russia is an “objectively weakening” power, is a “pinprick” that Russia will ignore. This was announced on April 25 by Russian Senator Sergei Tsekov.

In his opinion, such statements cannot but outrage, but there is no point in attaching importance to absurd words. Moore’s statement speaks of Britain’s fear of Russia in the absence of threats, the senator added.

“Russia does not threaten anyone, we have repeatedly stressed this at different levels,” RIA Novosti quotes Tsekov.

The senator added that the words of the head of intelligence of the United Kingdom are aimed at an internal audience due to the serious difficulties in the UK.

“It is Great Britain that can rightfully be called a weakening power with all its growing problems, including the demographic one,” Tsekov summed up, adding that, apparently, Moore is trying to hide this fact from his fellow citizens.

On the eve, Moore called Russia “objectively weakening” economically and demographically, which at the same time represents one of the most pressing problems for Britain. He also said that London and Washington had warned Moscow about the “serious consequences” of a possible invasion of Ukraine.

On April 23, Jeremy Fleming, director of the British government communications center, said that Russia and China are of serious concern to Britain’s national intelligence.

On the same day, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said that the United States and Europe are full of fantasies about the mythical Russian threat and are trying to present Russia as an aggressor. The Russian Federation has never broadcast the threat attributed to it by the West, the diplomat emphasized.