Pskovites were reminded how to properly prepare for the summer cottage season

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The Russian MIA Administration for the Pskov Region reminds citizens how, with the beginning of the summer cottage season, to reduce the number of fires occurring in summer cottages.

Firstly, having arrived at the dacha, it is necessary to check the condition of potential sources of increased danger: stove and gas equipment, electrical appliances and electrical networks. During the time when no one lived in the house, the devices could become damp and cause a short circuit. Therefore, including electrical appliances, it is necessary to make sure that the characteristic crackling is not heard, and there is also no smell of burnt wiring.

Secondly, you need to check the condition of the stove and see if the chimney is clogged. It is forbidden to use the oven with cracks, as well as if it has a defective door. In addition, you must not leave a flooded stove unattended, overheat them or heat them with substances not provided for any stoves (gasoline, kerosene, fuel) and for certain types of stoves (coal, coke, gas).

You should also always have a water barrel, bucket or fire extinguisher on hand in case of fire.

In case of fire, call “01”, “101” or “112”, call your neighbors for help and start saving people and extinguishing the fire by all available means.