The fate of a person depends on education: will Rzhev turn into a university campus?

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On July 28, Andrei Belotserkovsky, director of the Center for Strategic Innovative Development of Higher Education of Tver State University, met in Rzhev with the city’s public and social security workers.

– The future directly depends on the adoption of important turning decisions. It should be borne in mind that the fate of each person depends on education and the system of moral and ethical values. The opportunity to receive education at home, in turn, directly affects the demographic situation not only in municipalities, but also in the region, and in Russia as a whole, – this is how Andrey Vladlenovich began his speech.

Then the conversation turned to the fact that Tver State University will compete in the competition for entry into the “Major League” of the leading Russian universities. This competition will be announced shortly by the RF Ministry of Education. At the moment, the university is going to implement a very important project in Rzhev. It is planned, together with enterprises and schools, to create a center where it will be possible to obtain higher education remotely. Such an opportunity will appear, in particular, for working youth.

Why was the Rzhevsky district chosen for the project? Andrey Belotserkovsky emphasized that this area is special, the residents have a huge moral and ethical potential. In particular, because an important battle for the future of the country took place here – the Battle of Rzhev. Now a memorial has been created, which should become a center of worship for the inhabitants of all of Russia. Thus, Rzhev is a unique place where you can bring up a system of spiritual and moral values.

At the meeting, Andrei Belotserkovsky touched upon another important point – distribution after receiving higher education. He recalled the system that worked in Soviet times and said that he was working on the issue of a regional project of targeted training. What is its meaning? The regional budget pays for training, but on condition: upon graduation, the young man undertakes to go on assignment in the Tver region where there is a need for such a specialist. At the moment, the concept of the program is being developed. If these two ideas are linked, it would preserve the chances of a full and quality education.

By the way, many of those present in the hall turned out to be graduates of Tver State University of different years. The meeting was remembered for the fact that it was held in a confidential tone, there were many who wanted to speak out, share their problems. And to boast too, in the good sense of the word and to the point. So, for example, a student of the 10th Rzhev gymnasium received 100 points on the exam in physics. And this is not given to everyone. Among the problems, for example, was the absence of a child psychoneurologist in the city. To which Professor Belotserkovsky immediately reacted:

– The problem with narrow specialization doctors worries many. As I already said, the distribution of young specialists will help to partially solve it.

Andrei Belotserkovsky at the end of the meeting noted that a systematic approach is required to each problem. Both at the regional and, possibly, at the federal level.

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