The famous giant dumpling “Friendship” put up for auction

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The Annunciation artists, the authors of the city’s famous art object, the giant dumplings “Friendship”, put it up for auction. The initial price of the lot is 15 thousand rubles. According to the terms of the auction, those who wish can raise the price by at least 500 rubles per step.

The funds raised from the sale of the art object, the artists promise to invest in their new projects. The auction should end in a week, on October 22, writes “Amur news service”.

For the first time it became known about the art object in July 2019. Local artists placed the pelmeni in one of the reservoirs of the Druzhba park, but the park’s management was not delighted with such a gift, and the next day the art object disappeared from there.

The dumpling is made of epoxy resin and glass mat. Its diameter is more than 1.5 m. It was understood that it would symbolize friendship between Russia and China, since it is the national food in both countries.

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