The families of those killed in the collapse of a house in Yaroslavl will be paid 1 million rubles each

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The Mayor of Yaroslavl Vladimir Volkov said that the families of the three victims of the collapse of the entrance after the explosion in a ten-story building in Yaroslavl will receive 1 million rubles.

He added that it has already been agreed with the region.

The governor of the Yaroslavl region Dmitry Mironov is also now at the scene. He interrupted his vacation in order to personally understand what had happened. Prior to that, the governor visited the hospital and talked with the victims.

Recall that a gas explosion in a residential building on Batova Street in Yaroslavl occurred on Friday evening in one of the apartments, which led to the collapse of part of the structures from the third to the fifth floors. As a result, two women and an eight-year-old boy died. Three people were injured.

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