The experts told the smells of car malfunctions

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Extraneous odors in the car interior can not only interfere with a comfortable stay in the car, but also indicate certain problems.

For example, the smell of gasoline can indicate problems with exhaust gas cleaning due to a faulty catalyst. Also, the problem may be in the operation of the fuel equipment.

The smell of burning oil can appear due to problems with the engine, and in some cases and the gearbox. You should also check the gasket of the engine valve cover: if it is torn, it means that oil gets on the surface of the engine through it, which causes an unpleasant smell.

The cause of the appearance of a singed smell, which appears at the time of an incorrect gear change or during the process of wheel slip, may also be a problem in the operation of the gearbox or its incorrect adjustment.

An unpleasant and pungent smell indicates problems with the brakes, and a sweetish one indicates a possible leak in the cooling and heating system. Possible causes may be damage to the pump or leaking system pipes, as well as a malfunction of the radiator.

The smell of dampness can be the result of a malfunctioning air conditioner, so it should be regularly cleaned and antibacterial treatment, writes “Rossiyskaya Gazeta” on Saturday, August 8.

In July, experts conducted a study and found out what color cars are most popular in Russia. It turned out that every third car in the country is gray or silver. White became the second most popular color, followed by black. Thus, these three colors account for 71% of the market.

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