The expert told how to determine whether a child needs the help of a psychologist

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Academician of the Russian Academy of Education, Chief Researcher of the Institute of Developmental Physiology Mariana Bezrukikh spoke about the signs that indicate that the child needs the help of a psychologist. Parents should be alerted to sleep disturbances, inappropriate responses to routine situations, and obsessive movements.

The expert spoke about this at a press conference at the Rossiya Segodnya MIA on Tuesday, August 11.

“If inadequate reactions appear, when a child cries for and without reason, when any trifle becomes a world problem, and the child cannot be reassured, – very often these signs are in children with nervous-like disorders,” added the academician.

Regular complaints of various pains may also indicate the need to talk to a psychologist. Twitching, tics, twisting of buttons and hands should not be ignored.

Previously, psychologist and author of books Nadezhda Zheleznyak revealed 3 secrets of how to overcome chronic fatigue. According to the specialist, a person can be exhausted even by a combination of simple actions – listening to the radio and working in parallel, maybe even watching the child. Most of the energy is lost when multitasking, this is called constant partial attention.

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