The expert spoke about the properties of cold nitro coffee

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The most invigorating effect is provided by cold nitro coffee, said coffee blogger Olga Ignatieva.

According to her, this new type of drink is becoming more popular. Cold brewed coffee is used for its preparation and insisted. Then the drink is saturated with nitrogen using special equipment.

As a result, coffee acquires a special taste and texture.

“Instead of regular black coffee, we get a drink that looks a bit like a dark draft beer. When it is poured into glasses, a small “avalanche” appears inside the glass. Nitrogen also gives the drink sweetness and creaminess, ”Radio Sputnik quoted Ignatieva on August 8.

According to the expert, the disadvantages of the drink include a very high concentration of caffeine. Just 200 ml of nitro coffee can have a powerful effect on the nervous system. It is better not to drink it before going to bed.

Nitro coffee is contraindicated for people with a weak nervous system and heart problems.

On July 25, neuropsychologist Irina Khvingiya told how you can replace a cup of coffee in the morning. In her opinion, coffee beans in chocolate will help to cheer up.

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