The expert spoke about cases of writing off money from the deposits of Russians

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In which case the bank has the right to write off the debtor’s money from the deposit account, explained Mikhail Dorofeev, chairman of the board of the KPC Obnovlenie.

The expert told the Prime agency that banks use the Civil Code of the Russian Federation, since the rules on a bank account agreement apply to a bank deposit, unless otherwise specified in the agreement.

Money is written off if enforcement proceedings have been opened against the depositor. “The contribution is recognized as property, the bailiff can arrest all accounts, writing off the debt from them,” Dorofeev said.

This, for example, concerns traffic fines, unpaid obligations to the Federal Tax Service and non-performing loans, etc.

Another case when the client may not receive the full amount of the deposit assumed by the agreement is the bankruptcy of the bank itself. This happens when the client had an amount on the account that exceeded the guarantee of compensation for a deposit of 1.4 million rubles. In theory, this money can be obtained in court in line with other creditors of the bank.

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