The expert predicted the value of the dollar and the euro

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In 2021, the dollar exchange rate will fluctuate in the region of 70-80 rubles, the euro exchange rate – 82-92 rubles. This was announced on January 10 by Maxim Timoshenko, Director of the Department of Operations in Financial Markets at Russian Standard Bank.

“By the end (2020), the ruble was gradually strengthening against the dollar and euro in connection with positive news on external world markets. According to our forecast, in 2021, the trading ranges in which the US dollar will fluctuate will be 70-80 rubles, and the euro – 82-92 rubles, ”RIA Novosti quoted him as saying.

It is noted that in 2020, Russians more often sold than bought dollars and euros – 53% and 47%, respectively. Last winter, the risks of a slowdown in global economic demand due to the coronavirus caused the ruble to weaken. Currency growth peaks on March 31, which was a reaction to the first wave of the coronavirus pandemic.

Fluctuations in currencies in August were caused by both local and external factors – uncertainty over the US economic stimulus program, lack of progress in resolving trade disputes between Washington and Beijing. In the fall, the exchange rate of the Russian ruble was affected by various geopolitical risks and news related to the second wave of coronavirus, the US presidential elections and the conflict in Nagorno-Karabakh.

Earlier, on January 5, economist Igor Didenko said that the most reliable currency for keeping savings is currently the Chinese yuan.

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