The expert named the best drinks for quenching thirst in the heat

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In hot weather, a person needs to maintain the electrolyte balance of the body. Vice-President for Quality of the Union of Producers of Soft Drinks and Mineral Waters (SPBN) Lyudmila Khomich spoke about the most effective drinks for this.

The list proposed by her includes various juices, including apple, vegetable, citrus and berry juices, as well as medical table and table mineral waters and isotonic drinks. The latter are designed for athletes and help the body with serious physical exertion, which is heat.

“Functional components, such as creatine, L-carnitine and others, can be added to isotonic drugs, which helps to increase endurance and performance,” the Rossiyskaya Gazeta experts say on Thursday, July 30.

According to experts, soft drinks and water, which is recommended as the main drink for daily fluid intake, will also help to quench your thirst in hot weather.

Drinking water is necessary when a person feels the need for it. Therefore, experts advise that you always carry a small bottle with you.

On the eve of the experts of Roskachestvo recommended not to abuse cold tea and coffee in the heat because of their calorie content. In addition, if you add ice to the drink and consume it in the heat, it can cause a malfunction in the sweating system, since the temperature of the drink with ice is much lower than body temperature. Instead of getting rid of excess heat in sweat, the body will try to conserve it.

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