The expert explained the benefits of a virtual bank card

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A virtual bank card to pay for purchases on the Internet will allow you to avoid serious losses in the event of a personal data leak. This was stated by the head of the expert center of the National Center for Financial Literacy Sergey Makarov.

According to him, it is impossible to steal such a card, and it is convenient to use it for purchases on the Internet.

“You can transfer a small amount of money to it, so as not to“ shine ”a salary or basic card in online stores or in some kind of subscription services,” the expert said on the air of Sputnik radio.

You can also save savings from fraudsters if you distribute finances correctly, added Makarov, advising not to keep all funds on a bank card.

“Don’t keep a lot of money on your bank cards. Unless you have a card with interest on the balance, but even so, it is better to choose a savings account. Don’t keep ten of your salaries on the map, ”he said.

You can keep expenses on the map for a month, while replenishing them weekly, the expert is sure.

“It is safer, and it will also give additional control so as not to spend too much,” said the specialist.

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