The expert commented on the new scheme of fraud with bank clients

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The head of the analytical center of the Zecurion company, Vladimir Ulyanov, assessed the new fraudulent scheme of deceiving bank customers.

Sberbank reported on the cybercriminals’ work algorithm earlier on October 16.

So, the criminals call their victims and report on the investigative actions in the bank, after which they warn about an upcoming call, allegedly from the prosecutor’s office. An “employee of the department” calls back and offers to transfer money to a special account.

Ulyanov noted that from the point of view of psychology, the actions of the attackers have changed greatly due to the situation with the coronavirus.

“Fraudsters very often use various methods to increase the level of confidence in their words. Therefore, the use of official organizations, such as a specific bank or state structure, the prosecutor’s office, is one of the most common schemes, ”he told REN TV.

The expert added that, as a rule, people “do not want to contact” the prosecutor’s office, which is why they decide to take some action so that they are not “touched”, and transfer money to a “special account”, which, as it turns out later, belongs to scammers.

On October 13, the Prosecutor General’s Office of the Russian Federation stated that every fifth fact of theft in Russia is associated with theft of funds from a bank account.

In total, in the period from January to August 2020, 107.2 thousand such incidents were detected, which is twice as much as last year. The growth of this kind of crimes was noted in 35 regions of the country, the department added.

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