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The average smartphone user changes it about once every three years, and this period is gradually increasing, Dmitry Ryabinin, head of Hi-Tech, told Sputnik radio.

The expert sees the reason for this in the similarity of new gadgets and the lack of features that could push a person to buy. According to him, now people use the old smartphone longer, it is more difficult to force them to buy a new one.

“Now the replacement cycle, that is, the period while we use one smartphone, is rapidly approaching three years. This is a record, this has never happened. In fact, smartphones, according to the perception of buyers, are approaching household appliances, which we change when an old one breaks down, and not when a new one comes out with new functions. Buyers have stopped paying attention to features and design. Everything has become the same for them, ”Ryabinin explained.

The expert noted that using a smartphone for more than three years entails a decrease in battery life due to battery degradation.

“Some have been using it for more than three years and most smartphones are not designed for this period. The battery is not designed in the first place. After about two years, the battery capacity drops noticeably, and the smartphone in terms of battery life begins to lag significantly behind those indicators that were immediately after purchase, ”the expert explained.

On October 2, the expert of the NAFI platform “Digital Citizen” Vladimir Gritsenko warned that the use of non-original charging blocks and cables threatens to damage the phone’s charging port, and may also disable the smartphone completely.

He added that fast charging speeds up this process.

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