The EU has reduced the list of countries to open borders

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The European Union has reduced to 10 the list of countries with which external borders can be opened. Thus, Morocco was excluded from the list, the EU Council reported on August 7.

The updated list of states will enter into force on 8 August.

From Saturday, the restrictions on crossing external borders will be gradually removed for citizens of Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, South Korea, Thailand, Tunisia, Rwanda, Georgia, Uruguay.

China is also included in the list “conditionally”. However, while Beijing itself does not open its borders, which does not correspond to the condition of reciprocity, notes.

The list of states was compiled on the basis of the epidemiological situation and measures to prevent the spread of the virus. The list is reviewed every two weeks.

The opening of internal borders in the EU began on 15 June. Now, in many countries, quarantine restrictions are again tightening due to the increase in the number of cases.

From July 1, EU countries began to open their external borders. Russia and the United States were not included in the first list. On July 14, Montenegro and Serbia were excluded from it.

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