The Embassy of the Russian Federation did not receive data on the Russians injured in Somalia

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The Russian Embassy in Djibouti has not received data on the Russians who have suffered as a result of the clashes in Somalia. There were no requests for evacuation either, an embassy spokesman said on April 26.

“The embassy is actively studying the situation and clarifying the number of victims. Currently, the embassy has not received any messages from Russian citizens. So far, there is no information from the federal services of Somalia about possible victims and injuries among Russian citizens, ”a representative of the Russian embassy in Djibouti, which also serves as the embassy in Somalia, told RIA Novosti.

The embassy noted that in Somalia there are now about 40 Russians who are in the country for work. No requests for evacuation were received from them.

A day earlier, there were reports of intense gunfire near the presidential palace in Mogadishu. On the same day, the rebel units of the Somali Armed Forces, demanding the resignation of the country’s leader, Mohamed Abdullahi, ended up in the northern part of the capital and established control over a number of areas, seizing transport junctions. Eyewitnesses emphasize that the sides are moving heavy weapons, people are fleeing the city.

The political crisis in Somalia has been going on for several months. The term of office of Mohamed Abdullahi as head of state expired on February 8, 2021, elections were expected until February 1, however, due to disagreements on the composition of the election commission and its powers, voting was not carried out.