The embassy announced the absence of Russians among those killed on a trawler in the Canary Islands

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Russian citizens did not die in the fire that occurred on Thursday, December 24, on the Sveaborg fishing trawler on the Spanish island of Gran Canaria. This was reported on December 26 at the Russian Embassy in Madrid.

“In the port of Las Palmas on Gran Canaria, a fire broke out on the Sveaborg fishing trawler (under the Cameroon flag), owned by a Russian company. According to the information from the competent authorities, received by the honorary consul in the Canary Islands <...>, there are no Russians among the three sailors who died during the incident, ”the TASS diplomatic mission said.

It is added that the citizenship of those killed in the accident is being established.

The death of three people became known earlier that day. It was also reported that four more people were injured in the fire.

It is known that the source of the ignition was in the engine room of the vessel; the trawler was under repair in a port on the Canary Islands.

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