The economist assessed the likelihood of a fall in the ruble in the fall

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In autumn, one should not wait for the ruble to fall, but sharp fluctuations in the dollar and the euro are possible, economist Nikita Maslennikov believes.

According to the expert, the increase in the value of the European currency is associated with geopolitical factors, including the situation in Belarus and the reaction of the European Union. The economist is confident that their impact will not be long-term.

“Most likely, by the end of the year, the dollar will return to the corridor of 70–75 rubles per unit and remain in it. The euro will remain at 86–89 rubles until the end of the year, ”the portal quoted Maslennikov as saying.

The economist allowed sharp, but local fluctuations in exchange rates. This, he said, will be influenced by the US presidential elections and the likelihood of a resumption of sanctions rhetoric.

Nevertheless, Maslennikov is confident that the ruble will strengthen in the future.

Earlier, on August 29, Bloomberg, citing the opinion of Western experts, reported that the ruble against the dollar could fall by about 6% and reach 70 rubles.

On August 27, it was reported that in the future for September, one should expect a further decline in the ruble’s position relative to the leading currencies: it will trade in the range of 76–78 rubles against the dollar, and in the range of 90–91 against the euro.

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