The driver of a heavy truck was driving along the M-1 highway with a fake license

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In the Safonovsky district, traffic police officers revealed the fact of using a fake driver’s license. At the 296th km of the Moscow-Minsk highway in the Safonovsky district, the traffic police stopped a Volvo truck driven by a 50-year-old driver.

When checking the driver’s license, the police officers had doubts about its authenticity, since the document under the specified number was registered to a citizen living in another region.

The traffic police inspectors sent the dubious certificate for examination to the EKTs UMVD of Russia for the Smolensk region, the results showed that the seized document does not correspond in the method and quality of reproduction of printing details to the obviously genuine sample and was made by a copy-multiple device, on an inkjet printer.

The truck driver was taken to the police station for further investigation. The man explained that he had purchased a driver’s license on the Internet, as he himself had not previously been able to get the desired category. At present, the investigators of the inter-municipal department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia “Safonovsky” have initiated a criminal case on the grounds of a crime provided for by part 3 of Article 327 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (use of a knowingly forged document). The maximum punishment provided for by the sanction of this part of the article is imprisonment for up to one year. The investigation of the criminal case continues.

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