The doctor told how to temper to protect against viruses

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Yulia Evstigneeva, a methodologist at the Volgograd Regional Center for Medical Prevention, told how to strengthen the immune system using hardening and when it is better to do it.

According to the doctor, it is possible and necessary to temper the body at any age. The main thing is to control the state of health, and for beginners and parents of children to consult with a specialist in advance.

– Hardening increases the body’s resistance to viral and bacterial infections, creating a shield against colds, – said Yulia Evstigneeva in an interview with Vecherniy – It also helps to improve well-being and mood, increase performance, and strengthen the nervous system.

The doctor recommends following the rule of three “Ps”: act gradually, consistently and constantly. It is a fatal mistake to start with extreme methods, it can undermine health.
It is best to start hardening in the summer, using not only water, but also air and sunlight. It is better to harden before eating. To achieve a healing effect, it is also important to follow the daily regimen, eat a balanced and moderate diet and do not forget about exercise.

You can start hardening now, says the doctor. To do this, you need to maintain the temperature in the room at 19-20 degrees, wash yourself with water at about 20 ° C, sleep in a well-ventilated bedroom at 15-16 ° C.

In winter, you can do a contrast dousing of feet with water of +38 … +28 ° C, twice a week you can take a bath at 36-37 ° C with a douche of water a couple of degrees lower.

The material is for informational purposes only. There are contraindications. Consultation with a specialist is recommended.

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