The doctor spoke about ways to prepare for Epiphany bathing

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A contrast shower and daily dousing with cold water will help the body prepare for Epiphany bathing, general practitioner Larisa Alekseeva told RT in an interview with RT.

The specialist also warned that swimming in the ice hole is contraindicated for people with acute heart failure, as well as for those who have lung diseases, such as bronchitis.

“Those people who constantly, daily train, harden themselves, of course, they can perfectly endure Epiphany bathing and not get sick, not catch a cold and very cheerfully meet Epiphany frosts. We need to prepare ahead of time … We need to train ourselves. You can be in your bathroom at home – or there are special fonts if a person goes to fitness clubs, ”said the expert.

Alekseeva added that it is also necessary to use a contrast shower, “this will help prepare the vessels to perfectly endure Epiphany bathing.”

“Start pouring over from the feet and then move upwards,” the doctor advised.

In addition, the specialist added that certain rules must be followed directly during the bathing itself.

“Wear any woolen hat and a rubber one up. This will protect the head from frost. Before plunging into the font, there are the following rules: you need to warm up, exercise in the air. Running on the spot, you can run around the baptismal font, rub your body to improve blood circulation, ”said Alekseeva.

Before plunging into the baptismal font, it is better to drink hot tea with lemon and ginger than alcoholic beverage, she added.

Epiphany bathing will traditionally take place throughout Russia on the night of January 18-19.

Earlier, on January 9, endocrinologist, candidate of medical sciences Zuhra Pavlova named ways to return to the usual rhythm of life and preserve health after New Year’s feasts.

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