The doctor spoke about the relationship of vitamin D deficiency with coronavirus

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The increase in the incidence of coronavirus may be associated, among other things, with a lack of vitamin D in the fall. Doctor and TV presenter Sergei Malozemov told Sputnik radio this.

According to the specialist, vitamin D does not directly affect susceptibility to coronavirus, but it strengthens the human immune system, which helps protect against COVID-19. With a lack of sunlight, the body receives significantly less of this vitamin, and immunity decreases.

“One of the latest scientific works, which convinces in this regard, says that a lack of vitamin D in the blood significantly worsens the prognosis in cases of coronavirus infection. It is easier to cope with an infection, even if it has already occurred when a person has a normal level of vitamin D in the blood, ”said the doctor.

He added that it is possible to maintain normal vitamin D levels by consuming seafood.

“The main and most effective source of vitamin D is fish and seafood. It is important to understand here that you do not have to buy expensive varieties, the main thing is that the fish is oily and marine. Herring is good here, if only not too salty, also salmon and mackerel. Anything that contains fish oil contains a lot of vitamin D, ”Malozemov explained.

He stressed that most people in Russian conditions need to take this vitamin additionally.

At the end of September, it was reported that scientists from Boston University School of Medicine concluded that the number of severe cases and deaths in patients with COVID-19 with normal levels of vitamin D in the body is significantly lower than in those who are deficient.

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