The doctor spoke about the dangers of postcoid syndrome

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Every fifth patient who has undergone a coronavirus infection is faced with postcoid syndrome. This was stated in an interview with radio Sputnik by the candidate of medical sciences, doctor-immunologist Nikolai Kryuchkov.

According to him, most often it occurs in elderly people and people suffering from chronic diseases, however, young people are not immune from it.

The doctor clarified that some of the manifestations of postcoid syndrome are difficult to distinguish from natural weakness after any serious illness. These can be disorders of concentration, sleep and memory. There are also significant mood swings and even depression.

Other symptoms, according to the specialist, are clearly defined as the clear consequences of coronavirus infection.

“There are cardiac abnormalities due to the direct action of the virus and mediated due to blood clotting disorders. With severe lung damage, respiratory failure, chest and abdominal pain, and digestive disorders may persist. There may also be general muscle and headaches, ”Kryuchkov pointed out.

If a person has some of these manifestations for a very long time during the rehabilitation period from COVID-19, a preliminary conclusion can be made about postcoid syndrome. The doctor noted that the problems can become subchronic or chronic, therefore it is necessary to contact a doctor.

Earlier in December, doctors Sergei Agapkin and Georgy Sapronov listed the most severe consequences that occur in people who have had

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