The doctor spoke about the connection of cold feet with dangerous diseases

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Neurologist Irina Lyaskina explained when cold extremities are symptoms of serious disorders in the body and how to “train” the vessels.

If your feet are constantly getting cold for no reason, you should visit a doctor who will prescribe the necessary tests.

– “Ice” legs can become due to malnutrition of the tissues of the limbs, damage to peripheral nerves and other equally dangerous diseases: diabetes, chronic intoxication with heavy metals, liver and kidney pathologies, – quotes Irina Lyaskina

To normalize blood circulation, the doctor advises you to monitor your diet. The diet must include protein foods – poultry and legumes, and most of the plate should be vegetables. In the cold season, you can take multivitamins for prevention.

A contrast shower in the morning and a warm bath with sea salt before bedtime will help tone the vessels.
Note that the material is for informational purposes only. Consultation of a specialist is required.

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