The doctor named the reason for the birth of children with genetic pathologies

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Svetlana Vyatkina, head of the genetics laboratory at the NGS clinic, spoke about the cause of incurable genetic pathologies in children born to seemingly healthy parents.

According to the specialist, this can happen when one of the parents is an asymptomatic hidden carrier of an incurable genetic pathology. However, Vyatkina noted that even if a similar diagnosis is made to both parents, this is not a verdict for the child.

“Today it is possible to undergo a genetic test for such a carrier at the stage of pregnancy planning. <…> A geneticist, having these results, will give individual recommendations for the family on how to prevent probable hereditary diseases and how to give birth to a healthy child, ”the expert quotes Channel Five on Monday, February 1.

Vyatkina noted that today more than 6 thousand genetic diseases are known, including those that cause mutations in genes and chromosomes. Some of the most common are spinal muscular atrophy, characterized by muscle weakness, and cystic fibrosis, which leads to pathological changes in the respiratory and digestive system.

The expert noted that even among non-fatal diseases, there are extremely dangerous ones, which can be indicated by symptoms that are harmless at first glance, for example, sudden weight loss. You must carefully monitor your health, and in the event of such symptoms, do not postpone a visit to a specialist.

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