The doctor called the timing of the disappearance of immunity in patients with COVID-19

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Patients who have had coronavirus completely lose their humoral immunity after 3-5 months, said the head of the clinical trial, chief cardiologist of the presidential administration, chief investigator of the Central Clinical Hospital Nikita Lomakin

In an interview with Izvestia on October 31, the specialist said that he intends to be vaccinated with the Sputnik V vaccine soon, despite the fact that he himself suffered COVID-19 in August.

However, according to him, the immunity developed in those who have been ill is not very stable, so there is a risk of re-infection.

“Almost all those who have had COVID in the next 3-5 months completely lose their humoral immunity, have a high risk of re-infection. Therefore, I plan to receive this vaccine when it is possible for my age population, ”Lomakin said.

The specialist also spoke about the progress of the Russian vaccine tests. According to him, on October 28, 28 participants over 60 years of age received the first dose of the drug in the trials. All of them are under observation in the hospital, side effects have not yet been identified. According to Lomakin, many experts believe that the Russian vaccine compares favorably with others, although this has not yet been proven.

The day before, it was reported that the coronavirus may manifest itself after the patient recovers, scientists said. The “delayed effect” is manifested in the form of damage to internal organs.

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