The doctor called the child’s fear of Santa Claus the norm

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Childhood fears during the visit of Santa Claus are normal. This was stated by Tatyana Batysheva, director of the Scientific and Practical Center for Pediatric Psychoneurology of the Moscow Department of Health.

“Imagine that a stranger comes in funny clothes and starts to climb up to you with his” attachments “:” What is your name? “,” Tell a poem. ” It is quite possible that a child may be frightened, “Vechernyaya Moskva quotes the doctor on December 21.

Batysheva urged parents not to push the child towards Santa Claus and force him to read poetry. She invited the parents to talk to the animator – this way the child will see that Santa Claus is his own and will feel safe. Also, animators are not recommended to immediately make contact with a child so that he can get used to a stranger.

“The fears that we experience in childhood can form various problems and haunt us for many years,” Batysheva emphasized.

On December 21, it became known that Father Frost would congratulate passengers on more than 1.2 thousand Mostransavto routes. The audio message from the main wizard of the country will be broadcast in the bus cabins of all branches of the enterprise during the New Year holidays on more than 1.2 thousand city, suburban and intercity routes.

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