The doctor assessed the effect of a smartphone on human memory

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Therapist Olesya Nabokova said that the use of any smartphones negatively affects the quality of memory, since a person begins to memorize facts and short-term information worse.

According to her, in cases where a person is confident in free access to information, he begins to memorize facts worse than in situations where access to it is limited.

Thus, in children who actively use smartphones, the reaction to light and sound signals has slowed down, as well as the number of errors in writing has increased, performance indicators have decreased and attention with semantic memory has weakened.

Teens, who often call the phone and put it to their right ear, have difficulty remembering abstract shapes.

In order to improve memory, you should do exercises such as verbal counting, counting in reverse order, and puzzles with numbers and words.

“People spend a lot of time with their heads tilted forward when using their smartphones, so a few minutes a day should be spent exercising: stretching the arms, wrists, neck and shoulders are essential. It is recommended that you sleep for at least 8 hours. And try to give up using your smartphone two hours before bedtime, better spend this time with a book, so that your eyes can rest from the phone screen, “Nabokova told the Prime agency on Sunday, September 6.

On September 1, an ophthalmologist told how dangerous the blue color emitted by a smartphone screen is and how to reduce its effect on the eyes.

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