The court on September 8 will announce the verdict to Mikhail Efremov

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The verdict to the actor Mikhail Efremov, who became the culprit of the fatal accident in the center of Moscow, will be announced on Tuesday, September 8.

The court session will begin at 11:00 Moscow time.

The prosecutor asked for 11 years in prison for the artist. On the eve of Efremov’s lawyer, Elman Pashayev, said that he did not count on a suspended sentence for Efremov and thought that he would be given 6-8 years in prison.

On the same day, Russian actor, director and screenwriter Ivan Okhlobystin appealed to Russian President Vladimir Putin with a request to help Efremov.

Earlier, on September 5, Pashayev said that his client does not count on a mild punishment and is calmly preparing for a verdict in the case of a fatal accident with his participation. Then he asked the court to pass “any” sentence that would not be associated with imprisonment.

The accident happened on June 8 at Smolenskaya Square in Moscow. Yefremov’s SUV flew into the oncoming lane at high speed and collided head-on with the Lada van. The courier who was in this car, Sergei Zakharov, died in the hospital the next morning. The examination found that at the time of the accident, Efremov was drunk, and traces of drugs were found in his body.

A criminal case was initiated on the fact of the incident. On August 31, the actor first gave testimony in which he stated that he did not use drugs and did not know where traces of illegal substances came from in his body, although earlier on a psychological and psychiatric examination he confirmed that he had taken illegal drugs repeatedly and systematically. The actor also admitted that he drank a bottle of vodka on the day of the accident. The next day, the court completed its examination of the evidence in the Efremov case provided by the parties. In the trial, about 20 people acted as witnesses.

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