The court deprived the wife of an Altai deputy of an apartment in Moscow for 65 million rubles

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The court deprived the wife of a deputy of the Altai Legislative Assembly of an apartment in Moscow worth 65 million rubles. This was reported by TASS on July 29.

The report says that the Altai regional court satisfied the demand of the regional prosecutor’s office and turned in favor of the state an apartment in Moscow, bought by the wife of the deputy of the Altai regional legislative assembly Vladimir Popov for 65 million rubles.

It turned out that the total declared income of Popov and his wife for three years does not exceed 3 million rubles, and the source of funds for which the apartment was bought in 2017 was not confirmed, the press service of the prosecutor’s office of the Altai Territory reported.

It is also noted that, after this fact was established, the prosecutor of the Altai Territory sent a statement of claim to the Pavlovsky District Court of the region demanding that an expensive real estate object acquired with unconfirmed income be turned into state revenue. The district court did not satisfy the claim, but the prosecutor’s office appealed against it in a higher court.

“The Altai regional court recognized the demands of the prosecutor’s office as justified, canceled the decision of the court of first instance and adopted a new one – on turning the property into state revenue. The court’s decision has come into legal force, ”the message says.

Vladimir Popov was elected a deputy of the Legislative Assembly of the Altai Territory from the Communist Party of the Russian Federation in 2016.

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