The court denied parole to a convicted person for a gas explosion in a high-rise building in Volgograd

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The regional prosecutor’s office insisted that parole be canceled for a Volgograd resident who was found guilty of performing work that caused a gas explosion in a residential building on Universitetsky Avenue.

Vladimir Leksunkin was previously found guilty of carrying out work that did not meet safety requirements and resulted in the loss of care and loss of life. Now the man will return to the colony.

Recall that in May 2017, Volgograd residents connected a trade pavilion to the water supply in the Soviet district. At the same time, the man did not have any knowledge and skills for this. When a Volgograd resident was doing work, he accidentally damaged the gas pipe. An emergency team arrived at the scene. During the renovation, an explosion occurred that brought down the third entrance.

3 women died under the rubble, and an emergency brigade worker died in the hospital. In addition, ten more people were injured.

Material damage from the accident amounted to almost 150 million rubles.

The prosecutor’s office opposed parole, since the convict was seen in violation of the order of serving the sentence and did not pay material damage. The Volzhsky City Court, despite this, granted the request for parole.

The prosecutor’s office went to court, and now Leksunkin will have to return to the colony.

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