The court awarded more than 2 million rubles to the car owner for the snow that fell on his Lexus

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In Moscow, a court ordered the State Budgetary Institution Zhilischnik of Tverskoy District to pay more than 2 million rubles to a driver whose Lexus car was crushed by snow and ice that fell from the roof. The corresponding decision was made by the Tverskoy court of the capital, RIA Novosti reports on Thursday, August 13.

The court said that the incident took place in December 2018. Then the snow and ice that fell from the roof damaged a car parked in Oruzheiny Lane. The cost of the repair was about 2 million rubles. The driver went to court for compensation.

Zhilishchnik representatives objected to the satisfaction of the claim. However, the court sided with the owner of the car, noting that the plaintiff’s car was damaged “as a result of improper performance” by the defendant of the obligation to constantly clean the roof of the building from snow and ice, which is why the plaintiff’s property was damaged.

As a result, the court charged the cost of the repair, the cost of the examination and the state duty. Since the defendant did not voluntarily settle the damage in the pre-trial order, the court ordered him to pay a fine of 200 thousand rubles. As a result, the amount amounted to more than 2 million 117 thousand rubles.

Zhilischnik appealed the decision, it has not yet entered into legal force.

In September 2019, a court in Barnaul ruled to recover 250 thousand rubles from the management company for untimely cleaning of the roof, when two children were injured when ice fell from the roof.

According to the prosecutor’s office, in March of the same year, pieces of ice fell on two children on Lenin Avenue. The victims received head injuries.

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