The construction of the spectator stands is taking place at the Vityaz stadium in Vologda

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In Vologda, the third stage of reconstruction of the Vityaz stadium continues.

The contractor is now installing the framework for the grandstand basement floor. At the same time, workers are excavating soil for tennis courts, making a drainage system around the stands. The facility employs about 30 people. The construction frame will be completed by February next year. The construction of an artificial football field here will also begin next year.

According to the project, four tennis courts will be built at the stadium, several tracks for athletes, towers for fire-fighting sports will be installed, and a heated football field will be equipped. The facility will be fully completed in 2022.

We add that the reconstruction of the stadium takes place in three stages. In 2018, a sports and recreation center was built, a swimming pool appeared in 2020, and the improvement of the stadium itself began in the summer. A total of more than a billion rubles have been allocated for the construction.

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