The conflict with the shooting in St. Petersburg happened due to a quarrel in the parent chat

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The conflict with the participation of six people with the shooting in the Vyborgsky district of St. Petersburg occurred due to a quarrel in the parental chat. This was reported by the REN TV channel on Sunday, November 22.

“Apparently, the online quarrel turned out to be so serious that people with higher education and decent work went to the shooter, taking with them a traumatic weapon,” the channel reports.

It is noted that “even a doctor” took part in the fight. The footage published by REN TV from the scene of the scuffle shows how several people first talk, waving their arms, and then one of the men attacks the other, and a fight begins. Those standing nearby are trying to separate them.

According to the TV channel “78”, the fight took place on Torez Avenue. REN TV, referring to the St. Petersburg police, noted that after the conflict, six people were taken to the police station.

It was reported that a scuffle took place between two companies of men, after which shooting began. The police seized gas and traumatic pistols. Nobody was hurt as a result of the incident.

On October 23, in Volgograd, a local resident was severely beaten at a bank branch due to a conflict in a parental chat. The victim allegedly insulted the attacker’s sister, as a result of which it was decided to punish the offender. On November 1, the victim died in hospital.

Judging by the screenshots that appeared on the network, the chat correspondence that caused the tragedy cannot be called offensive. The parents discussed the online Russian language test. Grebenyuk, as a member of the parent committee, worried that there was little time for preparation and that not all parents would be able to provide Internet connection and control within the allotted interval.

The mother of one of the schoolgirls, Anna Melkonyan, volunteered to help everyone cope at the time indicated by the teacher. Then the woman made several comments that indirectly refer to children and parents who feared not to be in time.

In early November, a member of the Human Rights Council under the President of Russia, lawyer Shota Gorgadze announced on his Telegram channel that he had become a representative of the interests of the victims in the case of this deadly fight. He turned to the defenders of the accused with a warning that he intends to remain in this case until the end and will not allow anyone to ease the fate of Arsen Melkonyan, accused of the crime.

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