The child drowned on the Bugrinsky beach in Novosibirsk

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Yesterday, 6 August, a child – an 11-year-old boy – drowned in Ob again. He came to the beach with his mother, but this did not save him from trouble.

The Investigation Department of the TFR conducted a preliminary investigation of the tragedy. It turned out that the accident happened at about 6 pm. The boy was swimming near the shore under the supervision of his mother, but when the woman was distracted for a few minutes, the child went under water in a matter of seconds. Rescuers almost immediately began to look for the child, but when they lifted him out of the water, it was no longer possible to revive the boy.

Investigators emphasize that the boy’s mother was sober, and the family itself was prosperous. The causes and circumstances of the tragedy are being established.

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