The Cheapest Ways To Ship A Car To Other States

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Everyone likes to save. Saving money is fantastic whether you are supermarket shopping, buying luxury clothes, or buying airline tickets. Why would somebody want to save money transporting a car? Don’t you?

Saving money isn’t easy. Sometimes, you just have to pay the market amount if you want the services given. But there’s usually something you can do to save money. These are some of the main ways clients can save money when transporting a car. We’ll also discuss some common misconceptions about the process and ways customers think they may save money, but it rarely works out that way.

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Can Transporting A Car Save You Money?

You can! While car transport is less “save 50% when you buy two” and more “do this to save money,” it is still viable.

But transporting a vehicle is not like shopping at Macy’s. Or from Amazon. It’s a far cry from purchasing on Amazon. For starters, auto shipping isn’t done on the fly. You must book your shipment, wait for a carrier to arrive, then accept delivery. So it’s more involved than most online purchases.

However, saving money while transporting a car is something we’ll address today. There are options, from figuring out your savings to waiting for a cheaper carrier. Of course, not all of them apply to you or your shipment, but usually something does. Before we go any further, let’s state the obvious: these savings are tiny. Discounts typically save $25-75. Standby shipping saves money but takes time. So keep in mind that the advice given in this blog post is subject to change. But that doesn’t mean you can’t save money.

Pick Up And Delivery Locations- Choosing popular locations can help you save money on car shipment. It’s also something you can’t control. You have more control than when you need to ship your car. But that’s irrelevant.

Shippers — or truck drivers – like to use well-traveled routes. These routes connect major cities around the country. Big means “major metro areas.” Think LA, SD, DFW, MIA, ATL, NYC, etc. These regions are attractive because they are crowded. The more people in a place, the more loads carriers can ship.

This is a huge deal, and it can make shipping more expensive for individuals that have off-the-beaten-path pickups or deliveries. Rural carriers must spend extra to pick up or deliver customers. Fuel, maintenance, and time are key daily expenses for carriers. The more time customers spend getting to a vehicle, the more it costs.

Moving your pickup or delivery location to a big metro region can save you hundreds on your cargo. No need to buy $300-500 worth of diesel at each stop.

Flexibility In Shipping- Car shipping is a seasonal business. So, what? We’ve discussed it before, but summer is incredibly hectic, whereas winter is not. During the summer, prices tend to rise on most routes. Less competition means carriers can prioritize the highest-paying loads. Others who pay more move quickly, while those who pay less have to wait.

Depending on your route, shipping in the fall or winter can save you money. Except for regions with a lot of bad weather (like the Great Lakes), rates will be lower than in the summer. Of course, this isn’t always possible. Nothing can stop you from shipping when you have to ship. True. You’ll have to pay to have your automobile transported. If you have time to wait, changing your shipping season could save you money.

Saving Money By Waiting- If you’re not in a hurry, standby auto transport services can save you money. Many people transfer their cars as soon as they know they must. It doesn’t matter if you’re moving or selling an automobile. Most folks require immediate car conveyance. But standby shipment can help a lot of individuals. Standby is when you pay less than the going rate. It’s better than running with an empty slot on their truck. So carriers will gladly take lower-paying loads because it is extra cash.

There are many other reasons why carriers might accept loads below market value. If you don’t need to ship straight away, standby may be a good option.

This is especially true during the summer months. Not in a hurry to move it? You can choose for standby shipping and wait for the proper chance. Because there is less freight on the route, cars that were advertised low often get picked up as prices drop around Labor Day.

If you want to know more about standby shipment, talk to a representative.

Look For Deals!- The age-old gimmick – discounts! Many automobile transportation companies provide discounts to assist consumers save money. Of course, the question is for what.

The military discount is the most common. Almost every auto shipping firm offers military discounts. All but a few will do it for active or retired members. The same goes for combat veterans, however many companies throw it in with their total military discount.

Popular discounts include senior, repeat consumer, and student. Senior citizen discounts are designed to elder shippers. Because many seniors live on fixed incomes, these rates are generally higher. A student ID can also save you money if you’re going to college. Returning customers frequently get a return customer discount. These are also quite popular, but you must be a repeat client to qualify.

Similarly, dealership and mechanic discounts are targeted for businesses that ship cars frequently. Some firms (but not many) provide savings for fleet shipping and multi-car discounts. There are several potential discounts. Always ask a representative over the phone for discounts.

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