4 Key Web Development Issues Explained that are Critical for a Small Business’s Success

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Web development tips for small businesses and startups are always in demand. Because of their experience and insufficient knowledge about the latest technologies and development tools, several companies often end up with mediocre or below-average websites. It does not matter whether you are operating from Dubai or a small town in Tunisia, you need to buckle up and have all the writing skills and knowledge to develop your website.

Go through the following four aspects that are important for any professional website or shopping portal.

  1. Domain Name

When it comes to web development, the domain name for your website is bought and because it is a critical aspect. Not getting your domain name is like starting a company and making a building without an address or contact information. If you want your visitors to come and browse through your products and services, a domain name is a necessity. It is the entry point to your site, so the following are a few important aspects in this regard.

Your domain name should be easy to spell and not too long. Never try to use slang words or informal language as it is not good for a business. Proper domain extensions like .com and .biz are recommended with .net and other similar extensions not used anymore. Avoid using numbers and hyphens as they can be hard to remember. Several packages are available for the domain name, so you need to research to get an affordable service.

  1. Clear Description of your Business

Although, through your landing page, or the homepage, everyone will be able to recognize exactly what business you carry out. But the use of a hero image is important as you can visually represent all your services and products. And every event can get to know about them after just a glance at that image. That is why it is imperative to spend some time coming up with a home page banner that can work for you big time. Remember that it is your introduction to all your potential customers, so you need to work on the hero image as a crucial factor.

  1. Implement the Best Content Management System (CMS) 

Content management system CMS is a program that is used to create and manage content on the web. A good CMS will help you maintain your website and offer other benefits too. Not much technical knowledge is required in using a CMS as it is designed in a user-friendly way. There are many types of CMS available online, and you need to select the best one according to your requirements.

WordPress is the most popular CMS as it offers its community extensive support. The use of helpful plugins extends the functionality of any website. And if you think you need a customized solution, you may need to get in touch with the best web development agency in Dubai or WooCommerce plugin development team to help you out. Never settle for a lesser solution because right from the beginning, these plugins for WordPress will help you in getting more out of your website.

Another popular CMS which offers flexibility is of use and has a large support community. It is more secure than WordPress, so most wooCommerce and e-commerce businesses and online shopping portals use it. The White House in the USA even used it for some time, but now it has been changed with a more secure solution. If you are just starting your business but are still wary of the security threats online, this is the perfect CMS for you.


It is another popular CMS which offers good security, SEO capabilities, and multilingual support for businesses. But there are certain aspects for which you need exceptional support, like WordPress, and with few plugins, WordPress can surpass the capabilities of Joomla.

So, in the end, it is WordPress that can offer excellent solutions for all your web development needs.

  1. An Interesting and Engaging Website User Interface (UI) 

Think of what we can achieve with a great user interface for your website. It is the impression that counts, and you can make your visitors go through beautiful graphics and user interfaces designed to make it count. The fast loading speed of the website and positive reaction by Google will make your website reach a good ranking.  You can always visit other competitors’ websites to see what they are up to and how they are reaching their target audience.

Consistency across the board is required so that your design remains the same with no ambiguity for the visitor. The navigation system coupled with the user interface must be quick to be accessed without any difficulty. Interesting call to action buttons and pages which deal with detailed information about the products of thenevadaview.com, and the latest news, such as a blog, can offer excellent support to your current and potential customers.

Home page, about us, product/service page, sitemap, contact us and privacy policy are some of the pages you need to develop. These are the typical pages that most visitors always require.

  1. Optimal Optimization of your Website

After going through everything mentioned above perfectly, if you cannot optimize your website for Google searches, your every effort will go down the drain. Because this is where you have to ensure your website is on top of the rankings. Anyone typing the keywords words related to your website should see your portal on top of that. Only the websites on the first page and also within the top three get the maximum exposure and traffic. Most of the other websites on the second and subsequent pages get little or no traffic.

Keyword research and implementation, the website’s fast loading speed, and optimal presentation are the key aspects here. Furthermore, your website must be secure and have an SSL certificate installed, which is a necessity. Websites should also be able to run smoothly on smartphones and all types of handheld devices. This will give it more chances to reach a wider audience at the daily tribute

Over to you

Always think of what you need that can work for your website in the future. Being proactive can work for you in the long term, so always remain one step ahead of your competitors. If you think you can add something valuable here for finding something difficult, please speak up. For any feedback too, please use the comments section below.