The candidate for the post of the governor of the Kuban from the “Fair Russia” read out a pre-election rap

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Denis Khmelevskoy, a candidate for the post of governor of the Krasnodar Territory from the “Fair Russia” party, posted a video on his YouTube channel in which he reads a rap about the upcoming elections of the governor of the Kuban. The track is called “Happiness is not far off”. In it, the deputy poses in a sweatshirt against the background of the Kuban landscapes and the Legislative Assembly of the region and calls on voters to “decide for themselves.” He also says that “happiness is not far off, but not in words, but in deeds.” Several original witticisms slip through the text, such as: “We pay all taxes for good roads, but you have to pay to drive on them. Nonsense!” or “While people are suffering, someone dulls as usual.”

We will remind, as the “MK in the Kuban” wrote earlier, Denis Khmelevskoy was registered as a candidate from the “Fair Russia” party for the elections of the head of the Kuban on September 13, 2020.

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