The bottom of Velikaya is deepened on the territory of Pskov

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The bottom of the Velikaya River is deepened in the territory of the city of Pskov. Tatiana Mozhzhina, Deputy Chairman of the Committee for Natural Resources and Ecology of the Pskov Region in the field of water relations, ecological expertise and environmental protection, reports this on the Pskov News Feed.

The speaker noted that the reservoir is cleared in two stages. The first, which runs until 2021, is in full swing.

The bottom is deepened in five sections, three of them are located along Petropavlovskaya Street, and two more near Stepanovsky Luzhk, where the townspeople like to rest.

“The length of the clearance is 3.9 km. The total cost of the work is 35.8 million rubles. The work is carried out by the company from St. Petersburg “NPP” EcoHydroTechnologies “, – said Tatiana Mozhzhina.

By the way, she noted that before starting work, the bottom was carefully examined for the presence of 1941-1945 ammunition.

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