The best entrepreneurs were awarded in Astrakhan

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In the Astrakhan Region, a large set of events has come to the end, which was timed to coincide with the World Entrepreneurship Week. During this time, round tables, training seminars and conferences have been held for entrepreneurs in our region. These events are dedicated to the development of entrepreneurship.

The final stage of the World Entrepreneurship Week in the Astrakhan Region was the awarding of the best businessmen in the nominations “Entrepreneur of the Year”, “Best Social Project of the Year” and “Exporter of the Year”.

The Governor of the Astrakhan Region Igor Babushkin during the awarding ceremony said that during the coronavirus pandemic it was the business that provided significant support to the region. According to Igor Babushkin, despite their own difficulties, entrepreneurs have always provided all possible help: hot meals for doctors in hospitals, food sets and medicines for pensioners, and much more.

“I thank everyone who took part in this. You are making a worthy contribution to the development of the economy of our region. I would like to sincerely thank you for your initiative, perseverance and dedication to your work, ”the governor said, addressing the entrepreneurs.

This year, as part of the regional stage of the All-Russian competition “The Best Social Project”, which has been held in the Astrakhan Region since 2015, 37 applications were submitted in six nominations:

– the best project of social entrepreneurship in the field of support and rehabilitation of people with disabilities;

– the best project of social entrepreneurship in the field of social services;

– the best project of social entrepreneurship in the field of additional education and upbringing of children;

– the best project of social entrepreneurship in the cultural and educational sphere;

– the best project of social entrepreneurship in the field of a healthy lifestyle, physical culture and sports;

– the best project of social entrepreneurship in the field of employment, involving people in need of social support in socially active activities.

The structural unit “My Business” Center for Social Innovation of the Astrakhan Region is holding this competition to search and popularize the best projects and practices of subjects of social bickering, which are aimed at achieving socially useful goals.

The projects were assessed by a regional expert jury according to the following criteria: the relevance of the project, the social effect of the project and the impact on the social environment, economic potential and sustainability, innovativeness, information openness.

“There are not many social entrepreneurs in the Astrakhan region and in the country as a whole. And in this regard, we have many entrepreneurs who participate in the competition from year to year. However, I would like to note the fact that social entrepreneurs come to each competition with a new project, developing new directions in their activities. We have an entrepreneur who participates in the competition for the third year in a row and won only this year, ”said Maria Inshina, head of the Center for Social Innovation in the Astrakhan Region.

Albina Sadykova took part in the “Best Social Entrepreneur” competition for the sixth time. 5 times she managed to snatch victory from her competitors. Albina deals with the problems of children and people with disabilities. This competition, according to the social entrepreneur, helps to declare to the whole world about people with developmental disabilities, about their needs and abilities.

“It is very important that such structures and organizers that celebrate the activities of social entrepreneurs exist. And that all projects were reflected and recognized. This suggests that we are doing the right and necessary thing, “Albina Sadykova told MK in Astrakhan.

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